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In Great Harmony, we have various Mandarin courses and packages available for you. Find what suits you best and start taking a class today!

Daily Chinese

Professional teachers lead you systematically and step by step to learn life-related practical Chinese. Additionally, through the practice of real dialogues, students naturally learn the common language of life.

Professional Chinese

Chinese has become an important international language. If you learn Chinese well, you will have a chance to get promoted quickly. According to your needs, you will learn how to use Chinese in commercial transactions, business negotiations, promotional sales, business letters, professional reports and briefings, etc. This will help you communicate fluently in any professional situation.


All our teachers know both traditional and simplified characters. You may choose to learn either or both, to help you pass any Chinese language test. This will help your resumé stand out from others.

Cultural Chinese

For those who are interested in Chinese culture, customs, and idioms, we use interesting ways to teach students about the vast Chinese world.

Teacher Training Class

Those who have studied Chinese for more than one year can become online Chinese language teachers through professional training.  In this way you can also help other Chinese learners.


20 tutors, 2 executives, 1 loving and dedicated team.



I am Colleen, the founder of Great Harmony. I am currently teaching at the Mandarin Learning Center of Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. During my years of teaching, I have seen many foreign students desire to continue learning Chinese when they return to their home country. In addition, I understand that remarkable teachers always have significant impacts on students. For these reasons, this online platform was created. Here, I hope to provide students with the most useful, efficient and diversified learning experience where greater, mutual interaction can be achieved. Because we can teach students in other continents and time-zones, more possibilities for language learning can be created, thus breaking the barriers of international borders, time, distance, and space.



In my 10 plus years of experience in education and multimedia marketing, I have truly learned the importance of turning knowledge into living skills. When I was learning English, I found that after memorizing something, I would easily forget it and thus never use it. Therefore I realized that the major problem was not having a proper language learning environment. When I was in graduate school, apart from learning professional vocabulary, my English listening and speaking skills did not improve even though I continued to study the language. Moreover, I feel that what is needed to learn a language is not just ability, but rather immersion in the learning environment and guidance in learning. Therefore, the founder Colleen and I want to create an online learning environment, where Chinese learners from all parts of the world can communicate in Chinese without barriers and difficulty.  We want learners to really apply what they have learned into life, thus making Chinese a great tool that can be used to market yourself and your career in life.


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